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Application for duct system



It is conventionally though that air ducts and associated equipment are insulted to prevent condensation, save energy and reduce noise, despite the fact that indoor air quality and public health should also be concerned when selecting an appropriate insulation for insulating on the equipments. Aeroflex-DI/AL with aluminum foil surfaced help minimizing mold growth. In addition, Aeroflex-DI/AL is non-fibrous & non-formaldehyde contents that do not vitiate the indoor air quality Aeroflex-DI/AL is closed cell light weight nitrile elastomeric thermal insulation.
It provided many advantages over mast fibrous, rigid or semi-rigid thermal insulation such as :

  • • High resistance to mold & mildew growth
  • • Air flow erosion resistant can be installed on internal and external duct surfaces.
  • • Stable low thermal conductivity
  • • Low water vapor transmission
  • • No additional jacketing is required
  • • Excellent flexibility and availability in self-adhesive makes installation work easy & speedy
  • • Easy to clean, neat appearance with reinforce aluminum foil on the surface
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AERODUCT is a fully flexible compressible extendable aluminum air duct. It is made of 2 ply double facing aluminum polyester foil bonded together with quality adhesive and reinforced with high carbon corrosion Proof spring wire. Aeroduct is non flammable which is ideal for residential and industrial applications.

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Double-side aluminum foil The material of closing-cell rigid foam plastics is made form phenolic resin and emulsifier, curing agent, foaming agent and other auxiliaries and many other kinds of substances and represhing foaming curing. Its material itself has very low thermal conductivity coefficient, good insulation performance, low smoke, low-toxic and excellent heat-resistance etc.

Meanwhile PIR double-sided aluminum foil phenolic composites duct inside and outside surface are composite of metal foil composite layer with special craft and phenolic resin, becoming the leading product in field of composite duct.

Single side color steel This product is a upgraded product based on PIR double-sided aluminum foil phenolic composites duct. Outer is color steel plates and inner is compound aluminum foil. Not only inherited the excellent insulation performance and other advantages of PIR double-sided aluminum foil phenolic composites duct, but also has high strength and advantage of color steel, becoming a new generation of duct product model.

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