Vision & Mission


To be the world’s leader in manufacturing and distributing closed cell elastomeric thermal
insulation and accessories in order to meet global demands with continuous
development and innovation.


Aeroflex Co., Ltd. thrives to become the world’s leader in terms of product quality , service , social commitment and reliability.

1. We are committed to research , development and innovation on product , production process and other business
activities to create competitiveness and sustainable growth.
2. We are committed to human resource development to create job satisfaction and mutual respect leading to
stable and sustainable growth under good governance and good ethics.
3. We are committed to social responsibility for creating a good society where people live together in peace and harmony.


Received from society, gives back to society.

Aeroflex Co., Ltd. intends and determines to operate the business based on good governance and social responsibility
in harmony with energy, natural resources and the environment with equilibrium and sustainability, and with
the consideration on the benefits of the stakeholders in every group, in order that the industrial
sector can live side-by-side happily with the community and the environment, and
enhancing social development and prosperity altogether.